Intivar Review

Hi, my name is Sammy Ford and I am a 43 year old married wife with 2 kids and here is my Intivar Review. I have always enjoyed a great sex life with my husband up until about 2yrs ago. For some reason sex just wasnt enjoyable anymore because I was just to dry down below. I had never even heard of vaginal dryness at the time and to be honest it worried the hell out of me. Sex wasnt as good becasue I ended up sore and it got to the stage where I was actually in pain during sex. It may have been early signs of menopause, but as yet I am still not menopausal.

Anyway, I tried various different lotions and potions that I had bought over the internet, then I started to read about a product called Intivar. I searched for Intivar Review and read about 15 different Intivar Review and eventually I bought some Intivar. It quite simply gave me my sex life back… Instead of me dreading sex as I knew it would be a painful experience I started to really enjoy sex again. Also, it made me tighter…… Yes thats right, Intivar also works to help improve vaginal tightness… So not only was I enjoying sex even more but so was my husband…..I was so glad I did actually read all the Intivar Review sites.

I didnt feel like I was letting my husband down because he couldnt get me wet ( and I know this bothered him, he thought I either didnt fancy him anymore, or that he was suddenly doing something wrong) and both conclusions made him feel sad and depressed…..

I didnt tell my husband when I started using Intivar as a Vaginal Lubricant because I didnt want to get his hopes up or to make him think I needed an artifical stimulant, so I bought some mail order, it arrived about 5 days later and I tried some. it actually felt really good, it wasnt like a slimy gel like some I had read about, but this stuff actually soaks into the skin and increases blood flow, because of this I was wetter and tighter than I had been in ages. My husband noticed the different straight away….

I told him about the product and he was OK about it, he realised that as men get older they need to take viagra which helps increase blood flow for the man, and this is basically the female version.

So, I can personally recommend Intivar if you have any issues with Vaginal Dryness or you feel you are in need of Vaginal Tightening.

There are many other benefits from it as well, I havent had any infections down there since I started to use it, no thrush at all, and its all natural and herbal so no nasty chemicals to worry about.

Best thing you can do is buy it and try it out for yourself, I promise you now you will be a customer for life. Thank you for taking the time to read my Intivar Review and I hope it was helpful to you